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fragile Economies and not a consensus on how to solve the JOB CREATION problem that will prevent us from falling in the same predicament again;  another CATASTHROPIC Financial Meltdown. Make no mistake about it, that if we continue with the same LITTLE ECONOMIC MODEL we have been working for the las two decades, the next Meltdown will happen a lot sooner that what it took the last one. That is a fact if tha change is not for a more secure MODEL.

Simple common sense. Banks and all those rich VOLTURE’S like BUSINESS attitude will hoard their money and will hide it away for ages in the so call FINANCIAL HEAVENS. For them, THAT WON’T BE a problem, at the end of the waiting time they will still be rich. A little less (x%) but still rich.

So it is up to us GRASS ROOT AMERICANS to solve the problem ourselves her in AMERICA, , and all those in the FREE WORLD who may follow us. With a positive attitude and a whole new set of RULES AND REGULATIONS – if we really what to make a SOUND and LONG LASTING CHANGE – we have to create someting totally inovative and of positive results.  NO more FINANCIAL CRISIS, NO MORE RECESSIONS, NO MORE “PARO”,NO MORE POVERTY, NO MORE EXCLUSIONS. This may sound UTOPIC, perhapps but we need it.

Mr Klaus Schwab, the founder of the DAVOS ECONOMIC FORUM has invited all those who think they may propose something to generate the MIRACLE of the NEW WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL; if there is one.

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I, personally have a proposition to make about a SYSTEM I have been toying around with for a few years back. I have come to the ending conclusion that the only way to guarantee us a peaceful BUSINESS WORLD and a SOCIAL-ECONOMIC BALANCE can be achieved only through a “A THREE TIER ECONOMIC SYSTEM”. Sounds crazy but if you look at it in detail it really makes sense. Bear with me if you are interested.

This  “THREE TIER ECONOMIC SYSTEM” can be better visualized if we compare with our Educational system. In our Present educational systems we have also a “THREE TIER EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM”; we have Tier 1- ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (The least Basic Education for all to start becoming Educated). Tier 2-JUNIOR & HIGH SCHOOL ( this level is for thow who think they can do better in their Education) , and eventually Tier 3- UNIVERSITARY EDUCATION; UNDER-GRADUATE & POST-GRADUATE LEVELS ( for those who came to the conclusion they could be good to the world they live in, and help out as is to be expected,) .

Simple so far…HU..!!! Well, now we can compare our NATIONAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM to our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM- with a little difference. NEITHER OF THESE ELEMENTS WILL BE GIVEN AS A GIFT, NOR AS WELL FARE as is contended by our present Economic System. NO, no more PORK BARREL for anyone. These elements will be given in exchange for WORK ( with some kind of payment  provided by the GOVERNMENT IN TURN ( with the permission of those who don’t want governments competition in certain areas this is what HAS TO BE). This apply mostly to, and as it is concerned in the TIER ONE only. All other two Tier can be as in the PRESENT ECONOMIC SYSTEM everything can be bough with currency. . > Once again bear with me there is more to see.

In our new model, Tier 1- SHOULD TAKE CARE of the four basic needs which satisfy and defray our daily livelihood, “AND I SAID BASIC”. They are as follows… 1) FOOD, 2) SHELTER, 3) EDUCATION, and 4)HEALTH.

All World Governments would take care of providing this TIER ONE. The other TIER TWO & THREE, should take care by themselves. Like in modern times, those who want to do better in their lives they will have to become BETTER PREPARED, and they have to look for their opportunities as we all do now days. So these two can continue with the MODERN TIME ECONOMICS with a little of more cautious rules and regulation – with DUES – OBLIGATIONS-REWARDS and not to forget PENALTIES for doing good of bad; and mostly curtailing all kinds of corrupt schemes and behaviors.

This model make take a few years of work before it relly brings the optimun results we are looking for in IT, but by throwing the foundation of iIT, will crate and there will be an immidiate CHANGE in the whole PRESENT SYSTEM, creating most important of all,  A POSITIVE ATITUDE from the whole citizenry in any country where it may be applied. And belive it or not that is the first thing we have to do if we want positive results.

Where are GOVERNMENTS going to get the money to defray such MODEL. Simple, TAXES, FEES and DUTIES.They will have to see where they can get more cooperation in their governance.

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