6 Mar


Juan José Saenz – BORNED Junio 23, 1944.
DIED in New Orleans March 4, 2012 at 3:30 AM , Borne and lived in the city of Guatemala C.A. where he spent most of his childhood. Still young in age his family moved to USA bringing him along to the city of New Orleans. Where he became a member of the glorious AMERICAN ARMY where he became involved in the Vietnam War for over 8 year and months, serving with the GREEN BERRETS – batallion which was borne out of the base of FORT BRAGG, NORTH CAROLINA.

He reach the grade of FIRST SARGENT; serving as a full PARACHUTE INSTRUCTOR to the cadets of the AMERICAN WEST POINT before he was released with AN HONORALBE DISCHARGE from the USA ARMY.

Once he was released from the USA ARMY he came back to New Orleans where he went to Louisiana State University in New  Orleans – now know as UNO – to obtain a bachelors degree in ACCOUNTING. 

Latter, he started to lead a HARD WORKING LIFE to provide for his young FAMILY. With lots of TOIL and the highest degree of HONORABILIY he reach a very successful and productive life for him and his family. 

Today I am announcing his death after a HARD BATTLE AGAINST A CANCER IN THE LIVER – extrange, as it may be he never was a drinker of alcohol nor a DRUG ADDICT – which was the illness Which took him to THE END OF HIS LIFE.

Today he has departed – living a WIFE- MRS. ELVIA SAENZ and a SON MR. JUAN CARLOS SAENZ – to see his creator – GOD, THE ALL MIGHTY OMNIPOTENT -. Along the way also leaves his direct family members – (HECTOR-JORGE-JULIO-LUIS-IRMA-MARIA ELENA) and about 67 more member of his RELATIVES AND FRIENDS in NEW ORLEANS alone. Relative and Friends who gave him all the support and love he deserved until the last moments of his existence.

Funeral services will be provided by GREENWOOD FUNERAL HOMES, being followed by Visitation and a MASS at the St Anthony’s CHURCH LOCATED AT 4600 CANAL ST, New Orleans, La. To be followed by his BURIAL AT THE  St Anthony I Calvary Mausoleum #1 CEMENTARY- Marzo 12, 2012. between 9:00AM through 11:00AM.

SEND YOUR CONDOLENCES via E-Mail: hasaenz777@hotmail.com


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