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By Forex Weekly Outlook for June 4-8, 2012.

Ben Bernanke speaks: Thursday 5, 2012, at 14:00. Ben Bernanke head of the Federal Reserve will testify before the House Financial Services Committee, in Washington DC on a semiannual monetary policy report. In his recent talk at a news conference following the monthly two-day meeting at the Federal Reserve he warned that the US economy is heading for a “fiscal cliff”claiming a US Congress is postponing serious economic decisions until after the elections which will lead to a potential economic train wreck, once obligatory budget cuts in federal spending and a termination of the Bush-era tax cuts could crush the straggling U.S. economic recovery.” Citizenry watch what is going on and why.

There is not MIRACLE MAKER FORMULA to fix what so badly has been destroyed by the OLD ECONOMIC PHILOSOPHY – of extreme LAISSEZ FAIRE with AUSTERIITY as the main scapegoat to solve temporarily our economic maladies – which has been prevailing to the present. If the INTERNATONAL ECONOMIC SYSTEMS don’t change drastically to a new and more efficient means of MAINTAINING their individual NATIONAL GOAL of to provide and to maintain a constant DISPOSSABLE INCOME FOR THEIR CITIZENRY for their basic DAILY subsistence as needed by INDIVIDUAL NATIONS; the collapse is eminent, long, and devastatingly HARSH.

The PRIVATE SECTOR as well the GOVERNMENT SECTOR should come to a mutual agreement and try to create on both sides – at the unisomo – new WELL PAYING JOBS – it does not matter if there are profits or not – to be able of CREATING AN ENOURMOUS DEMAND FOR NATIONAL AND LOCAL PRODUCTS ANS SERVICES -; for what we need – AND IMMEDIATELY – is A LARGE DISPOSABLE INCOME in the hands of the GRASS ROOTS AMERICANS. This can not be obtained if there is no concent from THE PRIVATE SECTOR and allowe GOVERNMENT to step in and do what “IT” is supposed to do…”HELP AMERICA TO STAND BIG, TALL, AND highly efficients AS ALWAYS HAS BEEN.

What I am talking about is BIPARTISANISM in pro of A NEW AMERICA. Extreme LAISSEZ FAIRE with AUSTERIITY has no place in HELPING to create that new AMERICA. The REPUBLICAN know it but they are taking the wrong approach to solve their GOALS only. If they don’t see PROFITS – and a lot – they will not move one single finger in HELPING THOSE 80 MILLION GRASS ROOTS AMERICANS living in dispair, anxiety and suffering, this very moment as we speak. THEY DON’T CARE.

RICH AMERICANS let the government do what  will be the only ROAD MAP to solve in  A FAST AND FURIOUS  approach what AMERICA NEED RIGHT AWAY. A program or system that will inject ADRENALINE TO OUR WEAK NATIONAL ECONOMIC ARM. By doing so, millions of new WELL PAID JOBS WILL BE CREATED all over the 50 AMERICAN STATES; and by doing so fuiling a whole new demand for NATIONAL and LOCAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FIRST.  Later we can go back to our normal way of doing business – ONCE A HIGHER LEVEL OF PERSONAL INCOME HAS DEVELOPED AND MATURED- and try to live in peace and harmony AMONG EACH OTHER AMERICAN.

What I am talking about is a program to rebuild AMERICA – like the one created by FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT in the DEPRESSION OF THE 193’s; the s0 callled ‘THE NEW DEAL PROGRAM” READ ALL ABOUT IT…

But when you – GRASS ROOTS AMERICANS – see that you have a PARTY SO RELUCTAN TO HELP in the POSITIVE WAY…you have to take a resolute decision and cast your VOTE FOR A NEW AMERICA; there will be more electin if teh REPUBLICAN want to wait for better and a RICHER GRASS ROOTS AMERICANS. VOTE YOUR HEART AND SOULS, and if  “ASKED”  who you did vote for…? DON’T TELL.

Still the 1 per center don’t budge. SO HELP US GOD.

A concerned Citizen

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