19 Jun
BUYERS get out there and grab what ever you like right now before it is too late. Once again, we are going to be seen the MIRAGE OF THE INCREMENT OF THE REAL ESTATE PRICES. Just like it did happen with the “INFAMOUS” PRE-CONSTRUCTION PRICES, the real REASON and base of the “REAL ESTATE BUBLE”…which ended up in a CATACLISMIC of the DOWN SPIRAL OF those very same HIGHLY ELEVATED PRICES. How did it happen, simple…
HERE YOU HAVE MY ESTIMATED VERSION. The original price  – “THE PRE-CONSTRUCTION PRICE – was announced at the beginning of the CONSTRUCTION PROCESS. The selling tip of the contractor was that at the DELIVERY TIME – of the project in question – the original price “AT WHICH PROPERTY HAD BEEN SOLD”  will be a thing of the PAST. New higher prices will be IN PLACE for the DEMAND and the competition out there in the MARKET. The question to ask at this stage is “HOW DID THE NEW PRICES CAME ABOUT…?” Don’t you think…?
To understand  it fully you have to have a little  background in REAL ESTATE, if you don’t have it, you will have to go for what ever is suggested by the PROFESSIONALS – the know-how..!!! At the time a SALE is made, for the transaction reach to the closing table, it has to be given an actual and present SELLING PRICE.  How is it arrived to the “PRESENT SELLING PRICE” EASY…? THROUGH an Apraiser – Those Professionals who are dedicated to VIEW, MEASURE, ATTEST, AND CERTIFY TO THE PRESENT STATUS and CONDITIONS of the property in question – THEY are the ones certified and licensed to carry on that task. For those Professionals to arribe at a  JUST and EXACT present price, they have to chek the market around the area – about 1 mile round – and they have to find at least 3 COMPARABLE SALES DURING THE LAST SIX MONTH. To make a long story short, to me – to me this is where the PRE-CONSTRUCTION PRICE WAS BORN- those 3 COMPARABLE SALES CAN AND HAVE BEEN pre-designed, and MANIPULATED – FABRICATED IN WHICH IS THE MIRAGE OF THE INCREMENT OF REAL ESTATE PRICES – to be that way; and that is exactly what is happening right now. Much of the properties which are getting UNDER contracts FOR SALE right this minute as we speak, are getting higher prices than normal. This can continue so – BUILDING A BUBBLE – for a long time and in no time prices may be back to THOSE PRICES we were selling at before the WALL STREET BURST.
Hold on…!!! Sales have to be in a CASH BASIS, for other wise if there is a bank approving a MORTGAGE the property may not quilfiy for a higher price. In the cash basis there are no questions asked. You will see…Time will tell…!

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