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The REASON why we are where we are ECONOMICALLY is for the bad manipulation of THE FOUR EVILS OF OUR ECONOMY SYSTEM. If we are to seek a solution to any problematic that may arise out of the economic conditions we find ourselves at any given time; which highly affect our society, will be brought through the manipulation of any or the FOUR evils of our economic system. Then tell me, how can we do this if the control exerted on any or the three evil of our economic system is manipulated – coldly, harshly, mercilessly, without compassion for those who depend on them – by those who own one of those evils namely CAPITAL  To understand this little better let’s do the following analysis of these FOUR little devils.

1. “PRICES” consumers pay TO ENTREPRENEURS for the PRODUCTS AND SERVICES they buy to live their lives. PRICES are set BY ENTREPRENEURS – which come good and come bad ones – It is the COST of the sum of all the elements needed to produce such PRODUCTS AND SERVICES such as CAPITAL, MATERIALS, LABOR and PROFITS. Sometimes this computation s fair other is not. But the 100% of the probabilities is that the PROFITS rate in those prices is set by the owner of the capital. Competitiveness is a factor which may or may not affect the determination of a PRICE. Nowadays in the conglomerate of our economic system it tends to be manipulated by the entrepreneurs; the owners of the capital. Remember the famous phrases “Any ADDED COST to the product will be passed on to the CONSUMER” and “The MAXIMIZATION of PROFITS by the reduction of the cost of PRODUCTION”.

2, “SALARIES and WAGES” is the price paid to LABOR by ENTREPRENEURS for their work they render to produce those PRODUCTS AND SERVICES they buy from THE ENTREPRENEURS. The DETERMINATION of the cost for LABOR depends on many FACTORS, but it boils down to one the entrepreneurial reasoning has set for this DETERMINATION, and they say “IT SHOULD BE PEGGED TO A STANDARDIZED RATIO”  which has been CHOSEN AT RANDOM; and to be more exact it runs as CUSTOMARY most of the times. This is the most detrimental economic factor our ECONOMIC SYSTEM has; FOR HUMAN BEINGS and HUMAN LIVES depend highly of it. Most of the times CAPITAL has no regard at all for the level OF BENEFIT or DAMAGE it may cause to the aggregate of humanity; they guard their level of PROFITABILITY at any COST as long it is kept in a safe position.  So, who are the ones in the position to do well or the contrary? You ask yourself and you tell me.

3. “THE RATE OF INTERESTS” is the price – ENTREPRENEURS – use to determine the RATE OF PROFITABILITY they expect to get for the utilization of their CAPITAL in producing those PRODUCT AND SERVICES consumers buys. This is the most detrimental evil of them all three; for this is set to create the level of profitability the ENTREPRENEURS wishes to gain by the utilization of his capita. This economic factor is determined by one sole individual or organization, and puts his or its BENEFICIAL PRIORITIES against those of HUMANITY IN THE AGGREGATE. Sometimes the intention of the decision maker is good BUT BAD ENTREPRENEURIALSHIP makes it dangerous and highly evil; bound to make irreparable damage to HUMANITY as a whole indiscriminately.

4. “INFLATION”…the worse of them all EVILS  – because it implies real ROBBERY to the AMERICAN PUBLIC. Take a quick look at all the products you are buying in the SUPERMARKET. Check their labels and you will see a definitive measurement of some kind in all of them, but in reality if you NOTICE…their actual measurements come in less figures. Most of them all fall in a 20% shortage of the quantity of product you are actually buying. Just for mere curiosity…nest time you buy a new product take a closer look and prove yourself that your products about 20% less than what it is announced in the label. Beside, the PRICE of such product have gone up about also 20%…probe it yourself…it s very easy.  This “IMFLATION FACTOR”  IS WHAT THE WORLD ENTREPRENEURS – FOR ALIKE THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY…THE ENTREPRENEURS TOO, THEY ARE CLOLLUTING AGAINST THE AMERICAN WORKING MIDDLE CLASS . EMTREPRENEURS  USE THIS FACTOR TO CATCH UP WITH THEIR LOSS OF DEMAND IN THEIR MARKET. They make the BUYERS WHO STAY BUYING pay for those who don’t buy anymore. what would you call that…?

Now, with a little more knowledge of what is going on out there we can make a better judgment of whom, who, or which is the factor where THE GRASS ROOTS AMERICANS may find a better partner in helping them to live and lead their lives.  GOVERNMENT, PRIVATE SECTOR or BOTH at different degrees and manner of application; it is your decision.

THIS IS WHAT WE ALL KNOW AS “FREE ENTERPRISE”, but it stops being FREE when UNIONS ARE ELIMINATED, and workers area abandoned to their own destiny. Pay close attention to the term “FREE ENTERPRISE” and you immediately see where is it that the system is faulty.

These three factors of evil have always existed since memorable times, only it has been changing systematically and geometrically to worse since the incipient of its existence. Capital has the dominating factor all the time JUST as could have being sometime in the forgotten past, but it has grown to what brought about the infamous “WALL STREET STUNAMI”. Nowadays we all are suffering for such GREAT INJUSTICE

These three factors of evil have always existed since memorable times, only it has been changing systematically and geometrically to worse since the incipient of its existence. Capital has the dominating factor all the time.  JUST as could have being sometime in the forgotten past, but it has grown to what brought about the infamous “WALL STREET STUNAMI”; which has being highly destructive to the whole world economic system as we know IT until today. Nowadays we all are suffering for such GREAT INJUSTICE.

If you did not know what now you know now that you know it…

That what was bad in the past it will continue being bad in the future if you, we or it don’t make the duly and necessary changes called for to make it better.  Otherwise we are bound to fall in the same predicament as before; another WORLD WIDE ECONOMICAL CATACLYSM.  Make no mistake about it, simple and elemental reasoning tells us so.

Bottom line, AMERICA needs a heavy and fast ECONOMICAL BIG PUSH ADRENALINE INJECTION to the economic arm to get us out of the sad and BAD ECONOMICAL SITUATION we are in. THE PRIVATE SECTOR will never invest any money if there are no profits involved in the del; and for sure at this moment there are profits and there is no time to lose. It only leaves the GOVERNMENT to take care of that economical injection we need. PRIVATE SECTOR is PROMISING more of the same and that may not only TAKE A LONG TIME to be produced, but it will – for sure –  end up doing the same ECONOMIC CATACLYSM we already have undergone.

You are the only one – in the position of doing a better decision of who is to lead your destiny for the rest of your live. Having all things to be said…said…remember that VOTING is a private affair and that without fear you should use all your MIND, SOUL AND HEART to make and state you final decision. If asked who you voted for…just don’t tell and sleep like an angel.

A concerned citizen

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