18 Jul



Dear citizenry …there are wicked ways of making money, but some ways are the wackiest.

Who are you kidding Mr. Mitt Romney, have you forgotten the millions of AMERICAN $$ dollars – taxpayers money – has the American government invested in research here in America, and all over the globe. In universities, Hospitals Research, Technical schools, Scientific Corporations, and Technological companies, and a large number of other entities before any product or any service is placed or it comes out to any market…?  evidently, you have no idea that to create a new company you have to have a product first; much less to know the fact that demand is what really  creates the acceptance of a new product or a new service in any market; therefore creating a new business. This is my response to your –SUCCESS – critic or misinterpretation to Mr. President Barack Obama’s recent speech.

It is evident that the only way you know how to create jobs and profits is by destroying those which  already existed – created by someone else – , and by taking  advantage of the customary ways  FINANCIAL PEOPLE in the high Economic Financial  Spheres behave to get whatever they want remorselessly and with THE HELP of all those in their peer group – meaning all the financial assistants who offered themselves to carry on with your wicked plans – who behave and think the same way of making money as you do

Mr. Mitt Romney, Having a close look at your Business School which begins by taking over and Re-structuring any company which ever it may be, Building it up a new ownership and creating a new debt on it, to eventually wind up breaking the new company in pieces and selling out what is salable and outsourcing what is outsource-able; and to end up in a Bankruptcy Court – is malicious and un-healthy for any firm, city or nation, and it is even worse when you apply it to your own people in your own land. . This may be a good money producing machine, but you have to have the guts to do something without thinking about the possible negative consequences it may bring to those who you embark with your way of doing business.

This unhealthy way of doing business has nothing to do with the good old proverb that says “I like to make money the good old fashion way… EARNING IT…!”



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