18 Sep

The malady of poverty has existed since times of the barbarians, and will continue to exist as long there are people like you Mr. Mitt Romney, who subdue the weak to a system of Economic Slavery which we know now days as CAPITALISM. The 99%-TERS, sooner or later will end that CANCEROUS plague and then Duds like you Mr. Mitt Romney will HAVE to see that their nation don’t carry on any more with freeloaders, ignorant, and highly dependent of their government POOR CITIZENRY as HE HAS called them.

To begin with the barbarians did not know the difference between been nice and being cruel for their skulls were filled with ordinary crap, malicious religious beliefs, and most of them in complete ignorance of what when on around the world they lived in. You Mr. Mitt Romney are not that ignorant – always manipulating the environment around you in your favor – despite the fact that you have certain flashes of crazy MAQUIAVELIC ideas about people who surrounds you. You have a higher education than those BARBARIANS did not have in that then. No reason for you to be THINKING the way you do about poor people.

Secondly, we had always lived in a world of WERE the “FITTEST” is the law. The weak had always been under and the Economic System since immemorial days has been that…to keep the helpless subjugated and mistreated – Economic Slavery as known now days – for that is what they deserve – accordingly to the law of the FITTEST, which is the one you adhere and believe in. What this means is that the mal-practice of using people for your own endeavors is as old as humanity itself. We are living in the 21rst Century and some people who believe they own the world still fall in the same sinful predicament with as much cruelty as in the old days. For those who are so RELIGEOUS all this I am referring to may sound like COMING FROM HELL.

Thirdly, the present world is waking up from that profound NARCOLEPSY in which it has been kept in – FORCEFULLY – by the FITTEST, and the 99%-TERS are gaining recognition by MILLION of followers will soon make this ENSLAVED WORLD turn into a more palatable and just ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT for all; for there is room vastly enough as to carry on with a better DISTRIBUTION OF THE WORLD WEALTH system. Make no mistake about it, the world in changing and for the better for HUMANITY as a whole. Inclusive the RICH PEOPLE OF THE WORLD will also benefit from this metamorphosis. The way present CAPITALISM is been ruled is wrong and will always bring bad consequences, of course a lot of RICH PEOPLE get richer out of bad world situations, but they the few.  99%-TERs have been borne and THEY are here to stay.


Fourthly, Mr. Mitt Romney, for any chance did you know that POVERTY is a CRITICAL, NECESSARY, VITAL, AND IMPERATIVE Economic element in our modern CAPITALISM? Yes Sir, so it is…! POVERTY has to exist for there are those kinds of JOBS that no one who has a medium level of education will dare to do. That is the case with the so call and famous IMMIGRANTS – NOW DAYS KNOWN AS CRIMINALS AND UNDESIRABLES BY – JOE ARPAIO – OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM – who come to USA with little or nothing useful to be able to sell in the open market, then they have to adapt and accept these kinds of JOBS – FOR MEAGER WAGES IMPOSED BY THE FITTEST – and live with those boundaries impose by our society. If you think that these people deserve that is because you belong to the scalper who have to survive at all cost. Example…Arizona SB 1070. What took –  some AMERICAN – so long to realize that what we used for so many years in our AGRICUTURAL FIELDS VERY CHEAPLY  BY ALL MEANS – were criminal ILEGAL immigrants…?

So, Mr. Mitt Romney as you can see POVERTY EXIST BECAUSE WE CREATED IT THAT WAY, and have done nothing to AVOID it or BETTER IT. The entire contrary we – THE SO CALLED “THE FITTEST” – exploit the situation and get the MAX out of their guts for that is what they do deserve, PUT AND SAID in your own terms.

POVERTY the way we know it has been created and controled by our ECONOMIC SYSTEM – seeing is believing open up the link  THE THREE MANIPULATIVE EVILS OF OUR ECONOMIC SYSTEM – EVEN THOSE $50THOUSAND DOLLAR a year will not be sufficient to scape from the ECONOMIC SLAVERY in which – as you said it – 47% of  the AMERICAN POPULATION live in, WHILE RICH AMERICAN GET RICHER at every bodies cost – suffering, anguish, anxiety, desperation, desire, and helplessnes. ENOUGH is ENOUGH…that has to change. Your DISDAIN for the 47% of our society makes YOU the EVILEST PERSON in AMERICA.

I guess Rich American People’s Arithmetic needs a little polishing. Poverty is an acceptable, and highly necessary Economic Element in our world – UP TO A REASONABLE POINT – and that is the simple reason why they exist the way they are… – “fed and maintained with a trickle down money supply”… – AS SEEN IN THE ABOVE GRAPHIC – they will NEVER BE NOR DO any better. RICH PEOPLE OF AMERICA do the MATH and see if $50K wil give any family of four a good life  – LIKE THE ONE YOUR LIVE – …NEVER IN YOUR DREAMS. We, people like you and I make them the way they are, and used them to fulfill our DAILY LIFE NEEDS at our own discretion. Mine are of the good ones…! How about yours…?

POVERTY the way we have it is SHAMEFULL, A DISGRACE – FOR THERE IS ENOUGH MONEY IN THE WHOLE WORLD for at least give your own FELLOW CITIZENRY a peacefull way of life -, and – for the RELIGIOUS BELIEVERS LIKE YOU – sinful and punishable with GODS wrath.


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