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This is a presentation of how the AMERICAN FINANCIERS AND ENTREPRENEOURS have used them – the terms OUTSOURCING and INSOURCING – whether to benefit or to damage our NATIONAL ECONOMY. POLITICS AND ANY OTHER THEME RELATED TO THIS ELECTION IS SECONDARY TO OUR GRASS ROOTS MIDDLE AMERICAN  WORKING CLASS. What they need right away is to recover their way of earnig a living.

First of all we have to define each or the above terms…

“OTSUORCING AMERICAN It is a verb that tells us that…Obtain (goods or a service) from an outside supplier, esp. in place of an internal source.

“INSOURCING” it is also a verb that tells us that…it is the opposite of outsourcing; that is in sourcing – brining in something that is outside – In our industrial world we use the term when we insert something new – PRODUCT OR SERVICE – or something that used to be there but it is there no more for it was removed from there.

Having a clear understanding of what both terms mean, then we can continue to evaluating their function as it relates to our NATIONAL ECONOMY. Keep a close attention to the order of the different factor that I will present to make the explanation of how they work – or intertwine – together to create an ECONOMIC SCENARIO or FUNTION.

When the MITT ROMNEY team says that “WE BUILD THAT” – referring about who get all the credit of creating new jobs – may be true up to a point, but it surely is not 100% true. Why…? Simple, for the ENTREPRENEUR may have all the money of the world and all the good ideas about how to make more out of it, “BUT” if there is no a solid DEMAND for such “PRODUCTS AND SERVICES” the money and the idea have gotten to a finish line. Therefore, this means that the A SOLID DEMAND has to be there before anything happens, and who do create this SOLID DEMAND…THE AMERICAN PUBLIC PRIMARELY; who in turn is the AMERICAN WORKING CLASS whom through their HARD WORK ENTREPRENEURS gets to produce such sellable merchandise for their bosses. Ironic enough, this PRODUCTS AND SERVICES will be sold the AMERICAN PUBLIC; where they – the AMERICAN PUBLIC – will invest the money they earned doing working for their bosses. So bottom line, where is it the JOB CREATION process begins…? Up to this point it is with the existence of a SOLID DEMAND

Before going any further, WE SHOULD NOTICE that an IDEA with tons of MONEY alone doesn’t do the trick. Therefore, to create that SOLID DEMAND for products and services – THE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS – have to have a “DISPOSABLE INCOME” with them to be able to rich into their pockets and buy such PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

The creation of this “DISPOSABLE INCOME” becomes a reality only when that AMERICAN WORKING CLASS has a JOB to depend on, and here is where the ENTREPRENEUR comes into the scenario. IF these ENTREPRENEURS find it PROFITABLE they will do make the necessary investment to start the production of PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. All the contrary, if they see no gains –PROFITS – at the end of the road…there in nothing in the whole world that will make these ENTREPRENEURS invest any money in such crazy idea; putting money into a negative income enterprise…NO WAY JOSE.

Now, we have to analyze the reasons why an ENTREPRENEUR will not invest in such a crazy idea. It may be because the COST OF PRODUCTION is too high and after all expenses taken into account there is no PROFITS. The COST OF PROCDUCTON may be affected because of any of the production elements – COST OF MATERIAL, LABOR, OR OPERATION EXPENSES – is way out of range for their purposes. Then their action to follow is “NOT TO INVEST AT ALL”.

Now let’s pay close attention to the next paragraph…

If the ENTREPRENEURS see that heir idea is no WORKABLE here in AMERICA and if they see it feasible in any other FOREIGN COUNTRY like CHINA, INDIA, CENTRAL AMERICA, AFRICA, MEDDLE EAST – for their labor is a lot cheaper – they – THE RICH AMERICANS – have done so during the last 30 or 40 years.  This are what we ECONOMIST call “OUTSOURCING” the idea, and the money to any of the above MENTIONED countries, and by doing so they are taking away THE AMERICANS MEANS of earning a living.  In layman terms this is STEALING their constituent’s way of life. In Economics we a have term for this kind of phenomenon…THE DIMINISHING RATE OF RETURN OF THE POTENTIAL OF THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

To understand OUTSOURCING a little better we have to know what the “THE RIPPLE EFFECT OF THE NATIONAL ECONOMIC MULTIPLIER FACTOR” means. In a capsule what this really means is that for every dollar that is PUT INTO AN ECONOMY there will be a multiplication of that dollar times the multiplier factor – that factor here in USA” may run between 5 to 7 solid times – to create a multiplier effect.

What this means is that if and industry which use to create JOBS worth in 1 Million Dollars of SALARIES AND WAGES for the AMERICAN WORKING CLASS in the implementation of a given PRODUCTIVE IDEA; when that money is place in the market in reality they are CREATING between 5MILLION to 7MILLION Dollars worth PRODUCTIVITY. Productivity IS THE VALUE ADDED OF EACH WORKERS along the PRODUCTION LINE to finish a piece of merchandize – A PRODUCT or A SERVICE – this along creates an accumulation of VALUE ADDED as the worth of that MILLION DOLLARS is THEY ARE exchanged in the NATIONAL MARKET. The SALARIES AND WAGES of those AMERICAN WORKERS become what we in Economy call “DISPOSABLE INCOME” which is what our workers use to defray and live their and their loved ones lives.

Now, what is the relation of the above analysis has with ‘OUTSOURSING” or “INSOURCING”.  Simple, outsourcing means taking out – TAKING AMERICAN JOBS AND MONEY OUT OF OUR ECONOMY – and placing those JOBS and that MONEY to work in another country; which is exactly what the majority of the RICH REPUBLICANS and other DENOMINATION have been doing for the last three decades. Taking our JOBS TO CHINA, INDIA, PAKISTAN, AFRICA, CENTRAL AMERICA, AND MANY other countries they have – quietly – DRYED OUR ECONOMY. Make no mistake about it that is exactly what they have been doing behind our backs.

Mr. MITT ROMNEY is the MIRACLE maker for the distress AMERICAN companies which have to sell cheap for them not to lose everything they have invested in it originally. After he buys them he injects lots of – SOMEBODY’S ELSE’S “Investors Investments or Banks loans”– money to re-vitalized them and once they are showing strong PROFITS, they start to resell it to new INVESTOR to another markets, and whatever is left over – USUALLY IS LABOR AND SOME EQUIPMENT – they LAYOFF LABOR out – to create the same kind of Jobs somewhere else in another part of the world – and sell as SCRAP the remaining EQUIPMENT. After all that has gone in that order, the “DISTRESSES COMPANY” winds up going into FORECLOSURE and that is the end of the whole MR. MITT ROMNEYS WAY A MAKING MONEY for himself and his Investors. What about the AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…? Let the governments carry on with the heavy load the UNPATRIOTIC RICH AMERICANS JUST ACCOMPLISHED and we should give THEM thanks for giving us the crumbs of whatever is left over of the AMERICAN PIE, OUT OF THEIR WAY OF DOING BUISINESS.

If up to this point you have understood the meaning of “OUTSOURCING’, then you are ready to understand the term     “INSOURCING”, which is totally the opposite of “OUTSOURCING”. Here the American economy IS INJECTED MONEY IN, to produce the same ripple effect of the NATIONAL MULTIPLIER FACTOR EFFECT. ONE MILLION DOLLARS will produce between 5Million to 7Million Dollars worth of AMERICAN PRODUCTIVITY, which in turn will produce for the AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS WORKERS a great deal – within those 5 – to – 7 Million dollars ­Million of DISPOSABLE INCOME…which is the best factor to create HEALTHY AMERICAN ECONOMY THROUGH “THE SOLID DEMAND” FOR PRODUCT AND SERVICES.

Years back, it became a fad to move one’s business to a more productive – PRODUCE MORE PROFITS – place where ever this may have been. At the beginning CENTRAL AMERICA and MEXICO were the places of predilection, but latter on ENTREPRENEURS – MR. MITT ROMNEY among them – started to explore CHINA, AFRICA, MDDLE EAST, INDIA, PAKISTAN to name a few…and found IT HIGLY BENEFICIAL TO outsource our JOBS AND OUR MONEY to those countries and without remorse they just went on and transfer their money and our jobs to those places, by doing so they DRYED OUT THE AMERICAN ECONOMY, remorselessly THEY JUST MOVE ON WITH THEIR BUSINESS AGENDA and left the AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS FALL as they have fallen during the last two decades.  For this phenomenon is nothing new, they did it during the Bush Administration and still do it now days. And that is exactly what Mr Barack Obama is trying to contra rest with his effort to straighten out our AMERICAN ECONOMY FIRST. To find out if this is true no not, try calling any SUPPORT OR HELP PHONE number and you will see what I mean. All those are outsourced.

THE WORE CASE SCENARIO OF “OUTSOURCING” – It all came more evident despite the fact that NOBODY MENTIONS IT NOT ADDMITS IT- Was that of the worse betrayal the RICH AMERICANS imposed upon the GRASS ROOTS AMERICAN CITIZENRY. It was through the SELLING OF THE AMRICAN MORTGAGES IN THE STOCK MARKET TO THE WHOLE  WIDE WORLD; sending to FOREIGNERS. All those interes we pay as “P&I” for our mortgages THAT STAYED HERE IN OUR AMERICAN LAND before MR GEORGE W. BUSH gave the green light for all big corporation and maney maker did what ever they wanted to do; regardless who may have gotten hurt. I bet you, THAT you don’t have the slightest idea of how much money you send out to a third party involved in the selling of your HOME MORTGAGE MONTHLY…? WELL, OPEN AND TAKE A LOOK AT THE FOLLOWING LINK…  TAKE A LOOK AT THE DISTINY OF YOUR “P&I” MONTHLY PAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGES  OUR CITIZENRY NIGHTMARE.


MR. MITT ROMNEY represents the “OUTSOURCING” horrible and egotistic side of our ECONOMY…CHACK THIS OUT…MITT ROMNEY’S REALITY OF HIS LEADING BUSINESS… http://wp.me/s1ZNtm-1338 



Mr. BARACK OBAMA represents the “INSOURCING” side of our ECONOMY, which is the only factor that will make our NATIONAL ECONONMY to turn around the horrible LEGACY of MR. GEORGE BUSH left us after he left his administration IN 2008. CHECK THIS OUT


It is despicable to know that someone try to sell our mortgages out of our AMERICAN LAND, just to make a little extra money for themselves, remorselessly knowing that those profits collected by those foreign investors were going to be the FALLING OF OUR NATIONAL ECONOMY…As it did fall in 2008. What a shame to be so UNPATRIOTIC AND EGOTISTIC.

So, my dear CONSTITUYENT or better put…MR AMERICAN CITIZEN TAX PAYER OR NOT – for we are all consumer just the same and we all pay one or another kind of tax but we all do – the only FAST WAY OUT OF THIS MESS is THE CREATION OF THE “BIG PUSH” type of ECONOMIC STIMULUS, to create the “BID SOLID DEMAND FACTOR’. If the money raised by present tax system is not enough, then we have to get new revenues from those who MAKE HUMOUNGOUS AMOUNTS OF MONEY and right now as we speak…DON’T PAY or PAY TO LITTLE thanks the their LEGACY – also – of MR. GEORGE W. BUSH.

With this type of Economic transfer, WOMEN, STUDENTS, MEN, PROFESSIONALS all have fallen in disgrace and humiliation, knowing now that the only ones to blame for their misfortune are the RICH AMERICANS who dreadfully and remorselessly have remove their vast richness to other lands far away from our mother AMERICAN LAND; just for PROFITS.


Search deep inside your mind, heart and convenience – for you may be in the lower echelon of the 53%ters ladder of MR. MITT ROMNEY population distribution chart. One dip to the wrong side of the AMERICAN ECONOMY and there you go, you become part of the MR. MITT ROMNEY’S 47%TERS – “THER REAL AMERICAN DREAM” OUT OF A DAILY NIGHTMARE. http://wp.me/p1ZNtm-zG – If you were to fall in the $50,000.00 Income bracket, then you may have it hard but you can still live, but if you fall lower than that bracket, the you got an Economic problem. Only MR. BARACK OBAMA has the PATRIOTIC AND RIGHT solution. Read every piece of literature fall in your hand that may deal with this type of situation then you will be better informed to make a better decision for the time of the election. If you are following “THE WATH THEY SAY” as your source of information YOU MEY WIND UP REGRETING YOU’RE VOTING FOR THE 2012 ELECTION. Voting is a privilege and it is done in secret, vote your mind and when asked who you voted for …DON’T TELL…!!!

A concerned citizen


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