3 Jan


What’s WRONG with the REPUBLICAN SENATORS, what are they smoking…?  For the last 12 mths they have made all the money the could make for the two BUSH’S wars, and the presidential campaign, and by being paid to stall MR OBAMA’S presidency. Still they want more POWER and more MONEY. How cruel they can be by denying the RECOVERY MONEY for NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY after the  HURRICAN SANDY DESTRUCTION. Hope the world is watching and do understand the kind of partners REPUBLICANS can be.

The Republican party has shown the kind of material they are made of during the last and most recent events.
Shame on them, and what a waste of talents, and of human material; for not all of them are the cruel tas hey try – by all means – to portray to be.
Sorry for the young ones who are learning from individuals like Mitt Romney,
John Boehner, Mitch Mcconnell, Marco Rubio, John Mccain, These kind of hyenas don’t deserve to represent anything that can be called PATRIOTIC in our surroundings. Manup GOP and be more PATRIOTIC with your own people.
All htese men are not only the most powerful individuals in America but they are also unimaginably very wealthy beyond what a human mind car reach, just as much how mizer and severily miserables they can be, when they drop the towel when they are mostly needed to assert a PARTIOTIC GESTURE towards those people who got hurt by the Hurrican SANDY.  Nobody stood up the bad action – BY THE GOP CHIEFS – of walking away when the roll call  – TO VOTE FOR A RECOVERY FUND – was about to take place in the Senate yesterday January 2, 2013. They all  – WALKED AWAY – like a bunch of flimsy chickens who tremble when the RICH DUDES  who mantained them in the SENATE gives them a cruel and repugnat order…”YOU HAVE TO DESTROY BARACK OBAMA” at all cost; meaning it does not matter who falls in the way of achieving our goal. It may be that they then-selves may be a potential fatality.
In these occasion it was the people from NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY – and all those  (INDEPENDENTS, REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATS ) who see how they reacted in tis situation -; who will remember them on the  Congressional Elections of 2014. Those who leaned forward to help America will be rewarded,
and those who did ALL THE CONTRARY will be punished.
Make not mistake about it…the AMERICAN PEOPLE will remember your fine understanding of the American people’s needs and desperation.
A concerned citizen.

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