THE “TEA PARTY” of the COLONIAL past has become the Criminal party of the HYENAS, “THE HYENAS TEA PARTY” of the 21stCentury

16 Oct

HASA-HIENAS PARTYTHE “TEA PARTY” of the COLONIAL past has become the Criminal party of the HYENAS, “THE HYENAS TEA PARTY” of the 21stCentury in the eyes of its followers and their CREATORS.

IT Is unconceivable in what bad shape with which certain group in our present humanity distorts their own concepts – which were standards of generosity and patriotism in the past –  through time – for what it was meant at that time, during the time of the colony, as the very revered and famous “TEA PARTY” – at the time – created in the past for noble purposes, of purity, of fairness, of Justice and a hearts rejoiced of patriotism, and love for the motherland in mind; which was borne out of the need to remove the foreign oppression was exploiting a town that slowly began to lift a nation with great strength and a desire to progress. Clearly, in that then only the privileged class of the (1% TERS) who were the dominant class in that then – forgot all of the L human components that were  PRIMORDIA LY included in their Industrial and Commercial production factors in that then – the privileged class – were who commanded, ordered, do and undo during  the colonial period of new American life;  to solely suit you’re their own benefit, requirements and needs.

Now, in the era of 21st century, the party HYENAS, “THE HYENASTEA PARTY” of the 21st century, has come to be an imitation of the “TEA PARTY” to what was a described above but with many and very CONSPICOUSS  differences.

First: the main theme of domination and foreign taxation – in colonial times – has been converted to a domination and imposition to his own compatriots and current fellow at the time of the 21st century.   They no longer are fighting something outside of their nation, but it is against their own fellow American citizens. This simple fact already makes them to lose – if not all – so much of the true historical meaning and value of the virtues of its famous name… then known as “THE TEA PARTY”.

Second: the virtuous concepts of nobility, purity, honesty, justice, and patriotism – elements that existed in that then – and which stayed in the past will never return any more; and they have been replaced by the HATE, RACISM, THE MERCANTILISM, AND THE SERVILITY to the monetary powers of the PRESENT time.

Third: The process of Progress, which once was the motor  force and was coveted – at the time – by all Americans; Now days it has becomes quite the opposite… and is to become the gradual destruction of the same progress; that has taken so many years t create – with so much suffering and vicissitudes – it has taken a different form as it existed in the years of the 50’s to the 80’s…. “” These gentlemen of the modern “TEA PARTY” are not more than a BUFFOONERY to which the classic party of the “TEA” would have represented back then, in colonial times. Today they only represent the privileged class “The Political and that of the Money Gabblers”; the famous 1% TERS of the modern era.  The modern “RICH DUDS”  who do not care to take the monetary fund’s of their own nation to other foreign Nations in the form of investment or hiding ”FISCAL HEAVEN”. Either to gain more revenues than those they would earn in their own land, or for not paying taxes to the Government that represents them and gives the face by them wherever they need it. THESE LORDS REPRESENT THE INFAMOUS INSURANCE INDUSTRY, THE HOSPITAL’S INDUSTRY, THE PHARMACEUTICAL, AND THE AMERICAN MEDICAL SECTOR. They are those who have much to lose if the “OBAMACARE” enters into force and exerts the function for which it was designed; in a way… 100% functional, effective and financially. “Believe me, these gentlemen will have to change to gait if they want to adapt to the regulations of the ‘ OBAMACARE ‘. Their standard of living, and their way of doing business will have to change at all, since those tricks of the determination of the value of the rates and services will be highly tailored to the reality; that barely it is reflected nowadays.

Many of these gentlemen – THE ROBOTIC INDIVIDUALS –  to whom I consider as FORSAKEN of their race and of their natal descent – already they forget when thier daily food menu, sometimes consisted of “Wings, livers and gizzards of chicken FRIES”, and that of others… of “White rice with fried eggs” accompanied with well water; before they came to sell their souls to the devil for a “fillet MIGNION and champagne”. All these gentlemen have, and have created a petty minded, selfish, null, and rugged personality and ideas. Worse yet, many of them besides being political fanatics – debtors of 50mill favors granted to themselves or to their privileged class completely wrong; they have mistaken the true feelings of the “TEA PARTY of the colony”, the “THE HYENATEA PARTY” OF THE 21Century, don’t even know these virtues now days, and much less to reflect their modern actions of DISCRIMINATION AND HATE OF THEIR OWN FELLOW CITIZENS. The simple fact of leaving 80Millones of citizens jobless and do nothing for them …for not to give the glory – of bringing about such change – to the Barack Obama’s Government Administration, not only is criminal, shameful, and highly immoral, but totally not patriotic at all. Let alone, the intransigent way to prosecute this Government Administration of today demolishing what both the people of the GRASSROOTS middle class worker needs so much – as it is  the health system the American people are being offered by “OBAMACARE” – these actions are undoubtedly criminal, nauseous and they show how little humanity this amoral party represents. They don’t care for  the well-being of their fellow citizens, and not lift a finger to resolve the nation’s economic problems–when they have all the means and the possibility of an early solution… and not make it. Shame on you…”THE HYENAS TEA PARTY” OF THE 21Century,

What more can be expected from this kind – ROBOTIC-CRIMINAL -of individuals like this….NOTHING. We – THE CONSIOUS AMERICAN PEOPLE – must remove from their posts of Government – paid  with tax payer’s money – for not doing the job for which they were elected…to do…”.HELP THE AMERICAN TOWN TO LIVE BETTER AND NOT TO DESTROY THEM IN THE WAY THAT THE ARE DOINGNOW DAYS” . They are, the GOP’s accompanied by the abominable of “THE HYENAS TEA PARTY” the party of the HYENAS. They are, of the GOP being blackmailed by the anachronism of the party of the HYENAS… who have forced the current situation of the closure of the – working class – of employees of the American Government in October 2013.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY WE SHOULD REMOVE THEM AS SOOS AS WE CAN ANY WAYS, IN THE ELECTIONS FOR THE YEAR 2014. IN GOD WE TRUST.


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